Alec Soth features in the exhibition ‘Just Kids’ at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Alec Soth is included in the exhibition Just Kids at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. The exhibition premise was devised by curator Casey Riley, while looking through the museum’s extensive photographic collection, which includes a large number of photographic works of children. Riley was struck by the idea of what her own son’s response would be to this imagery.

Working with the Center for Empathy in the Visual Arts, the museum reached out to children to visit the photographic collection and hear from guest speakers and devise responses to the works, which are included on wall labels throughout the exhibition. The exhibition includes works numerous photographers such as Lewis Hine, Dawoud Bey, Danny Lyon and Alec Soth and his daughter, Carmen.

Soth and Carmed collaborated on the 2010 project The Brighton Picture Hunt, a series of commissioned photographs that Carmen, then 7, ended up shooting after customs officials informed Soth that his visa restrictions did not allow him to do so.

The exhibition runs until 14 June 2020 in the Harrison Photography Gallery at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Click here for more information.

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