Anton Alvarez: Roman Toothpaste MXXI at Vandalorum

Anton Alvarez the extruder

From the 12th of June to the 7th of November 2021, Stockholm-based artist Anton Alvarez will be presenting a major exhibition entitled Roman Toothpaste MXXI at the Vandalorum, an art and design museum in Sweden. Exploring the relationship between human creation and the machine, Alvarez will be present during the entire length of the exhibition, allowing for direct and meaningful artist-audience participation.

Working with 7000 kilos of clay, Alvarez’s machine, The Extruder, will be pushing out uniquely formed and textured sculptures. The artist will allow the clay to dry naturally, before painting the pieces on site. Alvarez’ first solo show at Huxley-Parlour gallery will take place in July 2021.

Read more about Roman Toothpaste MXXI here.

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