Anup Shah




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Early Life

Anup Shah was born in Kenya, East Africa. While growing up he frequently visited Nairobi National Park where he spent many hours watching wild animals roaming in their natural environment. This experience became the foundation for a career in wildlife photography and, after higher education in England and several university degrees, Shah returned to Kenya to develop this interest

Photographic Career

In 2001 Shah received his first commission from National Geographic, which was followed by seven further assignments for the iconic magazine. Since then his work has been frequently published by major magazines around the world.


Shah has published three photography books. Firstly, The Circle of Life: Wildlife on the African Savannah, 2003, followed by African Odyssey: 365 Days, 2007 and The Serengeti Spy: Views from a Hidden Camera on the Plains of East Africa, 2012, all of which received critical acclaim. His most recent book project, The Mara, was published by The Natural History Museum and gives the viewer a chance to immerse themselves in to the private space of wild animals.