Ben Thomas




Ben Thomas (born 1982) reflects on the modern metropolis, producing surreal, highly-saturated photographs of familiar cities. The artist’s work is critically acclaimed for its use of pioneering techniques – such as advanced colour manipulation, mirroring and tilt-shift photography – in the portrayal of contemporary urban spaces.

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Photographic Career

Ben Thomas is a photographer and visual artist born in Adelaide, now based in Victoria, Australia. Thomas’s work has centred around the cities and urban spaces that we live in. His Cityshrinker series (2007) was internationally acclaimed and considered to be one of the pioneering projects exploring the now popular tilt-shift technique. Ben’s study of urban spaces continued with Accession (2012) utilising mirror and kaleidoscopic techniques to highlight how repeating patterns and objects act as the basis of our our urban surroundings. Most recently Ben has developed his latest series Chroma (2015) and Chroma II (2016), a further deconstruction of cities and urban areas with a primary focus of the use of colour and flatness that poses questions of how society defines the places in which we live.


Notes, News and Press


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