Frank Habicht




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Early Life

Frank Habicht was born in Hamburg in 1938. He attended the Hamburg School of Photography in 1962, quickly becoming established as a freelance photographer upon graduating.

Photographic Career

Habicht moved to the UK, settling in Earls Court, London. He found work as a freelance photographer for the Playboy Club in London as well as for the BBC’s Top of the Pops and a stills photographer for Roman Polanski. During this time Habicht gained access to international celebrities who often featured in his photographs.

Habicht also worked for publications including Camera Magazine, Esquire, The Sunday Times and The Guardian. It was an eight-page spread in Twen Magazine in 1967 that defined the young photographer’s career. Habicht captured all that was new and exciting that he had seen on the streets of London. This commission led to the publication of Young London: Permissive Paradise in 1969. The book contained a collection of ninety-one photographs that exposed the duality at the heart of Britain’s society, capturing carefree youth contrasted with London’s elite and upper classes.

In 1981, Habicht moved to New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, where he now works documenting the unique landscape and the community that resides there.