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Petrina Hicks (born 1972) originally trained as a commercial photographer and creatively uses such techniques in her contemporary artistic work. Subverting traditional representation and issues of beauty and consumerism, Hicks photographs have won numerous prizes.

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Photographic Career

Petrina Hicks was born in Sydney, Australia in 1972. She began her career as a commercial photographer and brings the aesthetics and techniques she learnt whilst working in advertising to bear on her artistic work. Her large-scale works recreate the allure and gloss of advertising campaigns, while simultaneously subverting traditional representation and issues of beauty and consumerism.

Throughout her career Hicks has created works that explore female identity making reference to mythology and art history and drawing associations between these elements and contemporary image culture. Her work The Unbearable Lightness of Being (2015), juxtaposes contemporary portraiture with antiquated objects to examine how we reconcile past and present and the impermanent nature of human beings. Her work also explores the relationship between animal and human, animals often function as metaphor to represent aspects of the psyche that are unknown or unresolved.

Exhibitions and Awards

Hicks has been awarded various notable prizes and residencies including the 2014 Bowness Photography Prize, Josephine Ulrick Photography Award, ABN Amro Emerging Artist Award, Akademie Schloss Solitude Fellowship, Germany and most recently Arquetopia Artist Residency, Mexico. Her works have been acquired by many Australian institutions, most notably the National Gallery of Australia, Artbank, Art Gallery of NSW and National Gallery of Victoria.

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