Prue Stent x Honey Long




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Fis-net, 2017

Prue Stent x Honey Long

Prue Stent x Honey Long

Prue Stent and Honey Long were both born in Sydney, Australia in 1993. Friends since their high school years, they began collaborating artistically in 2010. Their artistic practice combines sculpture, performance and photography.

Since first collaborating Stent and Long have produced a number of series together which centre around their conflicted relationship to femininity and its passive associations. Often set against the dramatic backdrop of Australia’s natural landscapes their photographs are spontaneous and striking and present the female body in unfamiliar ways. While remaining deeply personal to their own experiences, their work also seeks to reach issues beyond the feminine to consider themes of playfulness and materiality.

The duo uses various props in their photographs to enhance their images, and are particularly interested in the exchange between materiality and the body. In their series Moulding, the female figure is obscured or covered in brightly coloured fabrics, which gives the photographs a sculptural resonance. Stent and Long see the fabric as an extension of the human body and in obscuring the identity of the figure they seek to create an ambiguity in their images.

Stent and Long’s work has been exhibited internationally in Japan, Italy, Switzerland, America and Australia.