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Tobias Bradford’s (b. 1993) practice explores sentience and the uncanny, specifically in sculpted mechanical engineering such as puppets and robots. He is interested in debates surrounding free will, agency, and the increasingly ambiguous definition of ‘self’ when it comes to semi-sentient objects.

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Tobias Bradford was born in Örebro, Sweden in 1993 and currently lives between London and Stockholm.

Bradford’s work engages in philosophical discussions around autonomy and the ‘self’. His animated installations incorporate mechanical engineering, robotics and puppetry which collectively forge an uncanny reality. By repeating everyday actions or motions, Bradford’s semi-sentient objects become defamiliarised and disassociated from that which they represent.

Graduating from Goldsmiths University of London in 2019, Bradford is currently on a break from his Masters at the Royal Art Institute of Stockholm. He has exhibited widely across Stockholm, Sweden, and London, most recently exhibiting at Future Watch: Tio Konstnärer i tiden at Stockholm Kulturhuset.

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