Tony McGee




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Photographing Kate Moss

In 1988 fashion photographer, Tony McGee, was asked to meet a young model named Kate Moss by Sarah Doukas of Storm modelling agency. Doukas brought Moss to McGee’s studio in London during a shoot for Vogue L’uomo magazine, and she was asked to sit and observe proceedings: McGee promised to talk to her during the breaks.

Sensing potential, McGee suggested that he photograph her there and then. Picking a up camera he grabbed one of the male models, boxer Luke Massey, and put them both in his car outside the studio. The car just happened to be a Mercedes Benz 280 Cabriolet that he had bought from the painter, David Hockney, three weeks earlier.

The resulting picture has since become one of the most celebrated early photographs of Moss, and represents a crucial moment at the beginning of her career. It has also become one of the most significant fashion photographs from that period.