Daniel Gordon included in Desde el Salón at Whitechapel Gallery

Opening from the 19th of May to the 15th August 2021, Whitechapel Gallery is presenting a public exhibition of works selected from the Hiscox Collection. Desde el Salón (From the Living Room), the second consecutive exhibition assembling works from the Hiscox Collection, is curated by Sol Calero, a Venezuelan artist known for her brightly coloured, large-scale and immersive installations.

Calero’s display enmeshes luscious images of nature alongside images of domestic spaces, creating a dichotomy between interior and exterior. Mountain-scapes, tropical maps, and flora are juxtaposed beside brick walls, sculptural furniture, and and open windows. Desde el Salón (From the Living Room) invites us to consider how we choose to surround ourselves within our homes and the importance of the natural world. Notable artists in the exhibition include Daniel Gordon, Annie Leibovitz, Joan Miró, and Pablo Picasso. Executed in his stereotypical vibrant palette, Gordon’s mind-bending still life sits comfortably amongst the gallery walls, washed in pink, orange, and green.

Find out more about Desde el Salón (From the Living Room) here.

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