Henri Cartier-Bresson

10th Feb 2018 - 17th Feb 2018


10 – 17 February 2018

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s pictures have arguably had more impact on the medium than any other twentieth century photographer. Celebrated for his mastery of the ‘decisive moment’, his pictures revolutionised the aesthetics of photography while also documenting an astonishing cavalcade of historical events. In his co-founding of the Magnum Photos agency, he also helped to bring about a modernisation of the business of photography, ensuring that photojournalists could benefit properly from the explosion of media interest in the medium.

Like any artist who has penetrated the heights of cultural acclaim a certain few of Cartier-Bresson’s images have become icons, but these images are often referred to at the expense of a huge wealth of other extraordinary pictures within his archive. Huxley-Parlour Gallery is delighted to present 12 photographs that are less well-known, but that still embody his core photographic beliefs. Most of these prints were made specifically for collectors, on demand, and some may even be unique prints. All are certainly extremely rare, and are images that perhaps deserve more recognition that they have so far received.