30.4 – 16.6 2022

Henri Affandi:Roots

3–5 Swallow St

Henri Affandi:Roots

30.04 – 16.06.2022



Monday to Saturday

10:00 am – 5:30 pm


3–5 Swallow St

Huxley-Parlour are pleased to present the second exhibition in their fourbythree programme by Indonesian, London-based artist Henri Affandi, entitled Roots. Affandi presents a mixed-media installation which will consider Britain as at once a home and a hostile environment for migrants from all over the world.

Roots will transform Huxley-Parlour’s lower-floor gallery space into a root-cave using hanging, textile strips from specific global cultures. These colourful fabrics aim to reflect the vibrant British migrant community. Roots will consider the importance of multiculturalism in sustaining both the British Empire and contemporary Britain by utilising the concept of roots as both subterranean and foundational. The installation incorporates an audio element, with hanging headphones that play recordings of Affandi’s subjects speaking on their heritage, and experiences of belonging in London.

Exploring themes of migration, identity, and belonging, Roots comments on British Foreign policy through recourse to material, lived experience. Affandi says of his exhibition: “Roots is an anthology; an ever-growing organism with thousands of stories worth telling and remembering”.

The exhibition will also be accompanied by a zine designed to expand Affandi’s research into the lasting effects of colonialism in Britain and its capital city today through written work and illustration, and make the exhibition accessible to those with difficulty hearing.

Henri Affandi is a multidisciplinary artist working between Jakarta, Indonesia, and London, UK. He received his degree in painting from London’s Wimbledon College of Arts in 2021. Roots continues his research into the material consequences of Imperialism through performance and installation.

Fourbythree focuses on UK based artists with multi-disciplinary and installation-based practices, and encourages submissions from under-represented and lower socio-economic backgrounds to provide the opportunity and to create a space for those often neglected by the established art community. Each recipient receives a fully-funded, three month solo exhibition at the gallery’s project space in London’s West End throughout 2022, and a £5000 grant to realise their exhibition.

On June 9th between 5 and 8pm, Affandi will be hosting a tea party with Unamed collective as part of the events programming for Roots. A Tea Party takes the mutable form of a performance event, a workshop, and an installation, that changes with its viewership. With an emphasis on process and embracing a strong, theoretical backbone, A Tea Party invites visitors to participate in collective conversation about ideas surrounding diaspora – what does it mean to be away from home?

RSVP to Henri Affandi and Unamed Collective, Roots: a Tea Party

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