‘Lived Space’ featuring Abelardo Morell at DeCordova Museum

The DeCordova Museum in Massachusetts, U.S., will feature works by Abelardo Morell in the exhibition Lived Space: Humans and Architecture (4 April – 30 September 2018). The exhibition explores physical and psychological attachments to built and inhabited places, drawing on themes such as exterior, interior, the body and identity: “These artworks address our impulses to adapt and relate to our architectural surroundings, as well as the ways in which these spaces shape and inspire us.”

Morell’s photographs replicate interior and exterior environments by using the camera obscura technique. Morell’s interest in these pre-digital processes stems from his desire to use a natural process in order to make constructed, imaginary landscapes. “My pictures are acts of imagination,” he says. “I want to invite new landscapes but not from scratch. What I love about my camera obscura images is that they are made with a totally natural process. A certain room faces a particular thing and that relationship exists in reality.”

Other photographers in this exhibition include Walker Evans, Jocelyn Lee, Joel Meyerowitz and Arnold Newman, who are also represented by Huxley-Parlour gallery.

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