George Lloyd-Jones:Bath Envy

George Lloyd-Jones:Bath Envy


Signed on reverse

Oil on canvas

32 x 32 inches

George Lloyd-Jones, Bath Envy

George Lloyd-Jones’ paintings are characterised by their richly patterned, textured compositions that depict quiet, intimate moments. Bath Envy continues the artist’s exploration of this, through the use of a single colour. The work is awash with shades of green which lends the painting a rich tonal quality. Lloyd-Jones uses a deep forest green to structure the composition with strong horizontal and vertical lines covering the canvas in a grid-like pattern depicting bathroom tiles.


Detail from ‘Bath Envy’, 2021. George Lloyd-Jones

This geometric motif is replicated throughout the work which flattens the painting’s perspective. The artist further manipulates the perspective of the painting through his contrasting use of soft greens in the rippled bath water. This creates a suspended dimension in which the bath appears to float surrounded by objects of everyday life, while the bathing figure appears blissfully unaware, cocooned in the painting’s warm glow.

The artist’s bold use of a single colour and the painting’s title – and its allusion to envy – add depth to the scene, which allows room for the viewer to contemplate what they see. The work’s skewed perspective is unsettling, yet simultaneously a tranquility emanates from the painting. Lloyd-Jones has stated that his paintings are an expression of the energy he harnesses from natural landscapes, personal relationships, plants and other comforts, which he looks to pass on to his viewer. The artist’s expressive use of colour and form transports us into the scene offering a multi-sensory experience of the work.


George Lloyd-Jones

B. United Kingdom 1992

B. United Kingdom 1992


George Lloyd-Jones (b. 1992) completed a foundation diploma at University of Falmouth before graduating with a BA in Fine Art Painting from the University of Brighton.

His work is characterised by a harmonious use of colour and pattern. Plants, windows, and interiors are continued motifs that populate Lloyd-Jones’ paintings. His familiar scenes harness an energy of warmth and intimacy which the artist seeks to impart on the viewer.

Lloyd-Jones has been exhibited both in the UK and Europe, including the Saatchi Gallery, London. In 2016 he was included in the John Moores painting collection, exhibited at Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

He lives and works in Cornwall.

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