Delphine Hennelly:Bouquet

Delphine Hennelly:Bouquet


Signed on reverse

Oil on canvas

36 x 28 inches

Delphine Hennelly works in series, focusing on a particular motif which she works with continuously, exploring its infinite possibilities. Bouquet (2021) is taken from a new series in which Hennelly re-examines the traditional motif of the floral bouquet.


Detail from ‘Bouquet’, 2021. Delphine Hennelly

Bouquet (2021) is demonstrative of the artist’s preoccupation with art history, and in particular early Modernism, rooted in Hennelly’s fascination with the concept of continuous time and the notion of the past and future existing in the present. In particular, Hennelly is interested in the genre’s association with domesticity and ephemerality while capturing the bouquet through repeated and continuous studies of the subject.

At the centre of the composition is an abundance of soft petals and foliage rendered in swirling, organic lines in a replicating pattern that lends the work a vibrancy and liveliness. Hennelly begins the process of creating her work through drawing, which is reflected in the graphic outlines of the vase and its contents. The artist has stated, ‘despite the assumed tradition of flower paintings evoking the need to capture an essence of fleetingness and temporality, these paintings were painted in a free associative manner, entirely invented. The ulterior motive becomes then, of, and about paint itself- as subject.’

Hennelly builds her painting up in layers using repeated short brushstrokes to render a richly textured background. Similarly, she constructs her floral motifs from layers of contrasting colours, outlined with bold lines. This technique allows her forms to take on a three dimensionality, moving beyond the limitations of the canvas to imagine a lush bouquet in real time and space.


Delphine Hennelly

B. Canada 1979

B. Canada 1979


Delphine Hennelly’s work addresses prescribed gender roles, the immediacy of painting, and the human condition through her use of pattern, repetition, and uncanny colour palettes. Her work is particularly inspired by tapestries, art history, and early Modernism which she references in her motifs and her figurative paintings and still-lives. Hennelly works in series, exploring the same motif as an act of repetition, influenced by the writing of Giles Deleuze and the notion of continuous time and the conflation of the past and the future with the present.

Delphine Hennelly (b. 1979) received her BFA from Cooper Union in 2002 and her MFA from Mason Gross School of the Visual Arts at Rutgers University in 2017. She is the recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award and her work has been exhibited in the United States, Europe and Canada. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including ArtMaze Magazine, Nut Publication, and New American Paintings.

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