Signed on reverse

Acrylic and oil on canvas

24 x 18 inches

Eggshell, Amy Beager

Amy Beager’s figurative paintings are laden with expressive colour and forms. She creates alternate realities for her figures through the collapsing of time and space within her compositions.


Detail from ‘Eggshell’, 2021. Amy Beager

Eggshell (2021) centres on a solo figure depicted in a moment of solitude and quiet contemplation. Head bowed down to rest on her hand, the figure leans into her shoulder, turning her body away from the painting’s foreground. Beager introduces ambiguity into the painting – the figure’s eyes appear closed and it is unclear if we, as the viewer, are trespassing on a resting moment or whether the figure is shying away from our voyeuristic gaze.

The title of the painting suggests a fragility which is reflected in the soft lines and delicate forms of the central figure. This is reinforced through Beager’s contrasting of sugary pinks with cooler purples and blues. Beager uses green to create bold lines that add detail to her figurative form, while sweeping swathes of colour fill the background, creating a flattened space within which the figure is immersed.

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B. United Kingdom 1988

B. United Kingdom 1988


Chelmsford-based artist Amy Beager (born 1988) graduated with a BA from Nottingham Trent university in 2010. She is currently undertaking the correspondence course at Turps Banana.

Beager’s work is characterised by the expressive use of colour and line, creating dynamic compositions filled with mythological characters, centred on the female figure. In her paintings, Beager created an imagined reality, her figures exist in a world which collapses the classical and the contemporary.

Beager has exhibited extensively in the UK, including the Saatchi Gallery, London. Her work is held in several private collections including the Soho House collection.

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