Pieter Hugo Selected as i-D’s Artist in Residence

For their 40th Anniversary Issue, i-D have selected South African photographer Pieter Hugo as their Artist in Residence. Showcasing a collection of photographs taken in his home on the South African coast during a particularly strict lockdown from March onwards, Hugo turns to his immediate family as his latest subjects. Shedding his signature illusionistic, symbol-heavy style, Hugo focuses on the unlikely themes of birth, growth, and childhood. Capturing his children in the midst of social isolation, we are granted unobtrusive glimpses of his son and daughter using their natural surroundings as play. Hugo cites his new series as a ‘homage to childhood’, noting the loss of innocence and changes that occur when moving from youth to adolescence.

The photographer presents an intimate reflection on familial relationships, and the emotional challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. On a wider scale, Hugo notes his own obligations to history, exploring ‘what it means to be South African’ and situating himself in a country defined by inequality and political change.

For more information on Hugo and i-D’s 40th Anniversary Issue, click here.

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