Valérie Belin’s ‘China Girls’ on view at XI Moscow International Biennale

Valerie Belin China Girls Photography

A solo show of Valérie Belin’s China Girls is currently on view at The Multimedia Art Museum of Moscow (MAMM) as a part of the XI Moscow International Biennale: Fashion and Style in Photography 2019. The exhibition highlights Belin’s exploration of the boundary between illusion and reality, and follows her 2013 solo exhibition Illusions of Life at MAMM.

China Girls (2018) is Belin’s most recent series, the title of which is borrowed from the cinematic term used to designate girls pictured in the first frames of a film reel so as to calibrate tone against a greyscale. Set amid dense, baroque backdrops of decorative fruits, flowers, and objects, the series sees Belin revisit and develop the motif of constructed beauty. Belin’s models are confined within this closed, magical world whilst matte painting and overprint techniques create a sensory, haptic aspect to the prints.

The exhibition is supported by the Embassy of France in the Russian Federation and the Institut Français, and runs through 26th May 2019 at MAMM. Find our more here.

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