Valérie Belin’s work featured in Circle Cité Luxembourg’s ‘Flux Feelings’ exhibition


The French photographer Valérie Belin is best-known for her uncanny depictions of mannequins and models. Until June 24, her works from the series Vitrines Luxembourg will be on show at Circle Cité in Luxembourg. The exhibition Flux Feelings plays on the idea of light (in this case, ‘lux’), and the featured works explore such ideas through their representation of movement and sensations.

In the Vitrines Luxembourg series, commissioned in 2003 by Mudam, Belin’s typical portraits of mannequins are heightened further to include backdrops of Luxembourg shop windows. Encased within the glass, the mannequins are surrounded by garments and objects, raising attention to their artificiality. The windows, often reflecting opposite buildings, create further layers through which the viewer experiences the mysterious, black and white photographs.

The exhibition runs from 15 May – 24 June 2018.

Explore the exhibition here.

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