Watch: Exclusive Interview with Sebastião Salgado

Epic, awe-inspiring, moving and important: Sebastião Salgado’s photographs are revered by public and critics the world over. In October 2014, Beetles+Huxley hosted an exciting exhibition with an astonishing collection of pictures from every part of Salgado’s forty year long career, celebrating his extraordinary contribution to the medium. Born in 1944 in Aimorés, Brazil, Sebastião Salgado is one of today’s most important photographers. In one of the most exciting photography exhibitions in London 2014, Beetles+Huxley exhibited a comprehensive cross-section of Salgado’s work from his illustrious career to date. Including works from his famous series Workers, Terra, Migrations, Sahel: The End of the Road, and Genesis, the exhibition positions Salgado as the world’s preeminent photographer of humanity and its struggle to survive against a raw and powerful mother nature.

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