Abelardo Morell: Through The Looking Glass

23rd Mar 2016 - 15th Apr 2016


23 March – 15 April 2016

Renowned for his appropriation of defunct photographic processes, Abelardo Morell is one of the most innovative photographers working today. Producing images that connect the antique beginnings of photography to the modern environment, Morell uses a variety of unusual methods – tintypes, glass negatives, wet plate collodian, cyanotypes, cliché verre and, most famously, the camera obscura.

Translated from Latin as ‘dark chamber,’ the camera obscura is an ancient concept described by Aristotle and drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. It involves the projection of an image onto the interior of a darkened box. Morell has gained fame and prestige for creating life-size camera obscuras to produce otherworldly, oneiric photographs. The exhibition shows a cross-section of works from Morell’s celebrated career, including many of the Camera Obscura series.

As well his Camera Obscura series, works from Morell’s Tent Camera project will be on display. During a visit to Big Bend National Park Morell became interested in the desert floor and sought a method to project the surrounding desert onto it. A prefab dome tent with a periscope inserted in the roof allowed him to make images of a semi-abstract appearance that combine urban and rural scenes with the visceral nature of their surroundings.



Abelardo Morell: Through The Looking Glass