States of Change Print Sale

Several Huxley-Parlour artists, including Joel Sternfeld, Alec Soth, Gregory Halpern, Todd Hido, Danny Gordon and Steve McCurry, are participating in the States Of Change US print sale. All proceeds from the sale of affordable prints, by acclaimed photographers in the US, go to grassroots organisations dedicated to fighting voter suppression and enforcing infrastructure which will build lasting change in the US electoral system.

States of Change writes: ‘This feels to us like the most significant election in our lifetimes. The outcome will likely be decided by just a handful of states. And make no mistake: attempts are being made right now to unfairly tip the playing field and influence the vote – from voter intimidation to outright misinformation.

In response to this reality, Movement Voter Project has identified 42 local groups working in key battleground states to fight voter suppression, mobilise voters, and build infrastructure that will lead to lasting change. All net proceeds from this fundraiser will be distributed by Movement Voter Project to these grassroots organisations working on the ground.

States of Change was organised to support this meaningful and much-needed work.’

The sale is open exclusively to US citizens. For more information and to view the prints available to purchase, click here.

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