VIDEO: Valérie Belin Studio Visit

Internationally renowned and critically respected, Valérie Belin is perhaps the most celebrated French photographer working today. Her monumental works explore issues of surface, identity and artificiality. In her photographs, Belin utilises the human form as a powerful vessel to project or subvert meaning. She has photographed mannequins and models on equal terms, with the questioning of reality a central thread that weaves throughout her oeuvre.

Belin studied fine art at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts, where a fascination with surface and light, informed by Italian Baroque art, began to form. Her first photographic works dealt with what Belin refers to as ‘the matter of things’; black and white images of crystal carafes, Murano-glass mirrors and other objects chosen for their particular luminescent qualities. Other early series by Belin used objects to investigate the echo of human presence; carcasses of wrecked cars and discarded bridal dresses hum with melancholy. Belin’s lens turned these shattered and frayed objects into relics that reverberate with stories untold.

In this interview, Valérie Belin discusses her work for her exhibition at Huxley-Parlour gallery.

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