Jamie Hawkesworth

B. United Kingdom, 1987

Jamie Hawkesworth

B. United Kingdom1987

B. United Kingdom1987


Jamie Hawkesworth is known for his poetic portrayals of the architecture and people of Britain. Preferring the slower, more tactile approach of analogue photography, Hawkesworth shoots exclusively on film and meticulously develops his own prints. He surveys the nation’s residents with nuance and empathy, bringing a unique sense of mystery to his images – qualities which extend across his documentary and commercial fashion work. Hawkesworth’s lyrical visual language presents quotidian existence as a dreamworld, recasting his subjects as its inhabitants in a radically democratising way. 

Hawkesworth was born in Ipswich, Suffolk in 1987. Initially introduced to photography as part of his forensic science degree, he then switched to study the medium, graduating from the University of Lancashire in 2009 with a BA in Photography. Hawkesworth’s Preston Bus Station was published in 2017; On Keeping a Notebook in 2019; and The British Isles in 2021. In 2018 he received the Award for Editorial, Advertising and Fashion Photography from the Royal Photographic Society. He has worked on editorial campaigns, catalogues and commissions for Alexander McQueen, J.W.Anderson and Loewe, amongst many others. His documentary works have been exhibited in London, Amsterdam and New York. His work is held in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and Huis Marseille, Amsterdam.

Hawkesworth lives and works in London. 



Jamie Hawkesworth, Untitled, from the series, 'The British Isles'

Jamie Hawkesworth: The British Isles

11.7 - 10.82024


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