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Yulia Iosilzon (b 1992) works directly with a mix of oil and silicone on stretched translucent silk. Building up layers of paint, and of meaning, the artist links her choice of medium to a ‘mosquito net’, offering transparency but also impenetrability. Iosilzon’s fractured compositions and disrupted narratives explore ideas of allusion, ephemerality and the consumption of images.

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Early Life and Training

Yulia Iosilzon was born in Moscow, Russia, and lived in Tel Aviv, Israel, before moving to the UK to pursue her artistic career in London. After completing a Foundation in Art and Design at Camberwell College of Art, Iosilzon gained a Fine Art BA from the Slade School of Fine Art, and later a Fine Art MA from the Royal College of Art.

Artistic Practice

Iosilzon’s paintings are laden with vibrant washes of colour incorporated over transparent silks and cloths. Grounding her works within narrative and anecdote, the artist cites children’s illustration and theatre as sources of inspiration, encouraging her lyrical works to be understood as scenes within a comic strip. Iosilzon often repeats symbols and motifs throughout her paintings, sculptures, and installations, building up an iconographic arsenal which she uses to comment on personal, social and political issues.

Selected Exhibitions and Awards

Iosilzon has exhibited internationally, including solo shows in New York and in Moscow. She received the prestigious Bloomberg New Contemporaries award in 2019, and the Audrey Wykeham Prize in 2016.

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