Bruce Davidson’s Favourite Photograph

Bruce Davidson is perhaps best known for his photo-essays documenting marginal and counter culture groups in the United States. He first travelled to Britain in 1960, the same year he captured this captivating image. Davidson stumbled upon this young girl whilst driving down a street in London in his Hillman Minx convertible. She was with two friends and held a tiny stray kitten in her arms. Davidson, who usually spent a great deal of time with the subjects of his photographs, only briefly visited a club with the group before moving on. The young girl, however, left a lasting impression on the photographer himself. The photograph, taken with a normal 50mm lens, with a wide aperture, has become one of Davidson’s favourite images. He has since stated, “I didn’t know where she had come from, and I didn’t get her name, but there was something about that face – the hopefulness, positivity and openness to life – it was the new face of Britain.”

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