Lives of Artists: With Martin Parr

Martin Parr Portrait

GHP What time do you wake up?
MP Between 5 and 6am.

GHP What do you eat for breakfast?
MP Fruit and yogurt and then a slice of toast with the coffee.

GHP Describe where you produce your work, and why you chose that space?
MP Out in the real world, although this is currently in short supply.

GHP Do you have a particular daily routine that helps you work?
MP Until this lockdown, everyday was different, so potential stir crazy is just around the corner.

GHP Where do you go for your creative sparks?
MP Being with lots of people and shooting.

GHP What do you do when you need to reset your mind?
MP Go for a walk in the country.

GHP Who was your most important mentor or inspiration?
MP Perhaps Gary Winogrand and Tony Ray-Jones have had the biggest influence on my work.

New Brighton, from ‘The Last Resort’, 1983-85 Martin Parr

New Brighton, from ‘The Last Resort’, 1983-85

GHP Who do you speak to when you need a second opinion or who gives the best feedback?
MP Whichever editor or curator I am working with.

GHP What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
MP There are no shortcuts in photography, its down to hard work like any other discipline.

GHP If you weren’t an artist what would you do?
MP A dealer.

GHP How do you switch off from work in the evening?
MP Watching telly!

GHP What book are you reading right now?
MP I don’t read novels per se, but I love reading newspapers.

GHP Who is the other artist working today that you most admire?
MP Alan Bennet.

GHP If you could have lunch with any artist from across time, who would it be and why?
MP Tony Ray-Jones, I would just love to know what he is like.

GHP What are you most proud of in your career?
MP Sticking with it and starting a foundation

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