Anton Alvarez: Tight Squeeze

15th Jul 2021 - 11th Sep 2021


15 July – 11 September 2021

Huxley-Parlour is delighted to present an exhibition by Swedish-Chilean artist, Anton Alvarez. Tight Squeeze will showcase eleven heavily textured and coloured ceramic towers, Alvarez’ largest and most complex fired ceramics yet.

Alvarez’ machinery is at the centre of his practice, operating in a symbiotic relationship with the sculptures they produce. Each of the ceramics are created by a custom machine built by the artist himself, which extrudes clay through tailored moulds under heavy pressure. The squeezed clay drops onto a platform, which can be adjusted in height to create stretched sculptures of different lengths. Here, the alethic factors of chance and variation dictate the outcome of Alvarez’ work, placing him in the artistic milieu of makers like Max Ernst, Andre Masson, and the fluxus artists. Alvarez’ sculptures are then glazed, petrified in the shape they have fallen into. Hence, Alvarez’ practice raises questions about the boundaries between mechanical production and craftsmanship.