Twill Series (Circles 4), 2022. Ruth Laskey. Courtesy of the artist and Ratio 3, San Francisco


25.5 – 18.6 2022

Ruth Laskey:Circles

Ruth Laskey:Circles

25.05 – 18.06.2022



Monday to Friday

10:00 am – 5:30 pm


3-5 Swallow Street

For her debut exhibition with Huxley-Parlour and her first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom, Ruth Laskey presents a suite of seven new weavings from her Twill Series: a sustained exploration of form, colour, and process that has defined fifteen years of artistic production. Her latest body of work, Twill Series (Circles) comprises seven of Laskey’s largest weavings to date, each featuring three distinctly coloured circular motifs within a larger rectilinear colourfield.

Using hand woven and hand dyed fabrics, Ruth Laskey makes minimalist textiles with a unique internal geometry, mediating formal themes of shape, palette, and material. Her work has been described as building on the lineage of Bauhaus artists such as Anni and Josef Albers – in particular their experiments in textile and composition.

Ruth Laskey

B. United States1975

B. United States1975


San Francisco based artist Ruth Laskey’s work is characterised by precise, geometric forms that centre on an exchange between the loom and the artist’s hand. Using hand dyed and hand woven fabrics, Laskey explores colour, form and the weaving process, deftly balancing the organic materiality of the textile and the linear, graphic shapes woven through the canvas. Laskey’s ongoing body of work, Twill Series, continues this investigation, incorporating varied scales, colours and motifs. Influenced by Modernist artists Josef and Anni Albers, the series is a continuous exploration of the potentialities of a textile-based practice.

Laskey  was  born  in  California  in  1975.  She  studied  Art  History  at  the  University  of  California, Santa Cruz, and went on to receive a BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts in 1999 and an  MFA  from  the  California  College  of  the Arts  in  2005. Laskey’s work has been written about in ArtForum, Frieze, The Boston Globe, and New American Painting.  The artist has exhibited extensively across  the US  and  within  Europe, including at  the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston and The  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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