New Mythologies: Figurative Abstraction in Contemporary Painting

12th Apr 2019 - 4th May 2019


12 April – 04 May 2019

Stephen Chambers RA | Eileen Cooper RA | John Copeland | Karishma D’Souza | Emma Fineman | Iris Schomaker | Ella Walker

Huxley-Parlour are pleased to announce an exhibition of works from seven contemporary artists who use varying degrees of figuration in their work as a way to explore the potential of painterly abstraction, and how this abstraction can extend and deepen narrative. Each artist uses their own particular form of mark making – from the gestural and intuitive to the precise – to explore story telling, lived experience and traces of memory.

The exhibition will span two floors of Huxley-Parlour’s newly renovated space. Through a tightly curated selection of twenty works made in the past 12 years, the exhibition will explore the complexities inherent to image making and representation.

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