Joel Meyerowitz and Alec Soth Share Their Isolation Diaries in the New York Times Style Magazine

T, the New York Times Style Magazine invited eight photographers, many of whom typically derive their inspiration form the the wider world to create visual diaries of their isolation during the global lockdown caused by Covid-19. They were invited to explore their newfound intimacy with the ordinary, and to share what they have invented within it.

Alec Soth, while staying home in wintry Minnesota, gave in to distance by chronicling his neighborhood through a pair of binoculars, capturing the feeling of being at once near and far, sheltered and susceptible. While Joel Meyerowitz has found an ongoing series imbued with fresh relevance. At the beginning of the year Meyerowitz began a daily ritual of self-portraiture, which he has continued in isolation. The photographer finds the act of facing oneself honestly as a kind of isolation.

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