New Publication: ‘Cézanne’s Objects’, Joel Meyerowitz


A newly published book by Joel Meyerowitz focuses on the French painter Paul Cézanne’s studio.

As part of the book commission, Meyerowitz visited Cézanne’s studio in Aix-en-Provence. Whilst there, the artist experienced a flash of understanding about Cézanne’s art. Cézanne had painted the studio walls a dark grey, and Meyerowitz observed how the studio’s objects seemed to be absorbed by the grey background. He decided to take each of the objects in Cézanne’s studio and view them against the grey wall; his impulse was to place each one in the exact same spot on his marble-topped table and simply make a ‘dumb’ record of it. He then decided to arrange them by making a grid of five rows with five objects in each row, with Cézanne’s hat as the centrepiece. This beautifully designed edition presents Meyerowitz’s series as modern still lifes and as an incredible revelation of Cézanne’s methods. It is available to purchase through Huxley-Parlour books.

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