Shir Cohen & Olivia Sterling: Rage Comics

IN: (Sep 02, 2023)In Depth

Rage Comics. Installation view

Shir Cohen and Olivia Sterling Rage Comics at Huxley-Parlour Gallery 45 Maddox St London W1S 2PE

Rage Comics. Installation view

Gigachad Bird (2022), Shir Cohen

Your rights are being taken away from you. You used to
be able to support a family as a factory man. Now you can’t
even get a girl to look at you. If they do, it’s only to assess
your capital worth, and they always find you lacking. Nearly
everyone is lacking. Now you are crushed under the cost of
living, the cost of communicating with others. It is becoming
impossible to reach out and the future looks worse and
worse: you will be locked in a 15-minute ghetto. You will own
nothing and enjoy it. They will take away every form of self-
defence you’ve ever had.


The roots of this control are so much more ancient than most
people realise, but you know the truth. The truth is ancient
and comforting. The world could be perfect, if it hadn’t been
for the few people who are destroying it for their own benefit,
and those they have managed to swindle into believing them
to be benevolent dictators. The elite say they want a better
world, but somehow they never manage to improve anything.
Somehow, everything is getting worse for you.


And there is always a crisis. They are always putting out fires
by limiting your freedom, as if your freedom is what causes
climate change and fires and earthquakes and plagues and
traffic accidents and debt and poisoned water and poisoned
food and murder and pedophilia and so much death. So
much death. They benefit from death. They want less people
on the planet. They try to keep you chained to your data, your
biometrics, and control you with money and violence. But
you are smart.


You will not succumb to this. You will find others to join you
for a day of reckoning to all those who have hurt you and
humankind. Those who have conducted illegal experiments
and kidnapped and maimed. If you are alone, you will escape
them until the day you die. You will find a way to disappear
from their reach, and live your life the way it was meant to be
lived: no one will interfere with nature. You will not breathe
their chemicals, you will not eat their bugs. You will grow your
own food and be happy, and think about how they will one
day get what they deserve

(By Shir Cohen & Olivia Sterling)

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