Daniel Gordon: Green Apples and Boots

30th Mar 2021 - 30th Apr 2021


30 March – 30 April 2021

The first UK solo exhibition of American photographer, Daniel Gordon will open at Huxley-Parlour in March 2021. The exhibition includes four large-scale works, as well as fourteen intimate works that form Gordon’s latest body of work, exhibited here for the first time.

Moving between two and three-dimensions, Gordon’s practice appropriates images of still-life subjects he finds on the Internet. Printing the images on paper before cutting them out, he then assembles a three-dimensional tableau in the studio which is subsequently photographed, linking handmade and digital-based processes and materials.

Gordon’s new photographic series, made during lockdown in New York in 2020, continues his rigorous and vibrant investigation of the still-life genre. The new works includes quotidian objects that reveal the routine of domestic life during quarantine, giving a wry nod to the banality and homogeneity of life lived in confinement. Tennis rackets and trainers hint at the routine of exercise, and are paired with other accoutrements of daily life including batteries and cutlery. The works utilise the artist’s signature use of colour and composition, revelling in pattern and palette.

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In the Studio: Daniel Gordon

From his Brooklyn studio, artist Daniel Gordon introduces his first UK solo exhibition, 'Green Apples and Boots'