Alec Soth shares new work with The New York Times

An interview with The New York Times offers insights into the recent work of American photographer Alec Soth, through an interview with the artist. Soth’s new body of work, I Know How Furiously Your Heart is Beating, was produced following a year-long hiatus from both photography and travel in which Soth spent time considering his creative process.

Soth made the decision to begin working again following a residency in San Francisco in 2017, during which he photographed the 97-year-old choreographer Anna Halprin. The subsequent body of images – made over the last two years – demonstrate stylistic resonances with Soth’s previous work and revisit the trope of sitters photographed in their own homes. The photographs, however, represent a shift in the artist’s approach to capturing the domestic: newly examining the status of both artist and sitter in the photographic exchange.

“We think of the photographer as having most of the power in the exchange, but because of my fear, it was much more balanced,” he said. “Over time as that fear was reduced and my skills as a photographer became more sophisticated, I definitely had more and more power. Then there was a point at which I realized, ‘Wow, what am I doing with this power? Am I fully considering the other person?’”

Soth’s new body of work, I Know How Furiously Your Heart is Beating, will be published by MACK in March to coincide with four solo exhibitions in New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Berlin. It takes its title from Wallace Stevens’s poem, The Gray Room.

Read the full interview here.

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