Jem Southam to exhibit at Bristol Photo Festival

Alongside the Bristol Photo Festival 2021, the RWA presents a special exhibition by Bristol-born photographer Jem Southam. Running parallel to the RWA Photography Open Exhibition, Southam’s exhibition, A Bend In The River, displays his series of the same name. Known for his documentation of subtle changes within a landscape, here Southam presents his collection of images displaying a riverbank he photographed every day throughout the winter of 2014 and continued to encapsulate over the next 5 years.

The resulting images capture the dynamic and transitional surface of the water, trees swaying in the breeze, ducks gliding across the river, and swans flying to roost. This ongoing series was taken on a Sony digital camera, deviating from his usual partiality of a large format camera. It allowed him to experiment with new elements in the medium and create this powerful and moving series.

Jem Southam: A Bend In The River displays both the namesake series, together with selected works from alternate series created at the same riverbank, including The Wintry Heavens, Forty Dawns and The Flooded Pool. Furthermore, interweaved amongst his own work is a selection of artworks and artists that inspired his practise, from John Constable to illustrators of popular natural history books.

On display at RWA, Bristol, from 27 March – 6 June 2021. Click here for more information.

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