Daniel Gordon’s new book ‘Houseplants’, Published by Aperture

A new limited-edition book, Houseplants, by Daniel Gordon has been published by Aperture in November 2020. Consisting of 12 pages, the book displays meticulously constructed, colourful pop-ups of houseplants and various domestic food items. Inspired by an interest in the fickle and obsessive phenomenon of internet sensations, Gordon’s new book explores the subject of the latest online infatuation, houseplants. The collectable volume encapsulates multiple art forms at once, simultaneously acting as a still life, sculpture, and performance piece.

Within his photographic practice, Gordon creates highly illusionistic and fantastical tableaux, formed from magazine cutouts and internet downloads. Of his photomontages, Gordon states that he aims to make ‘ordinary moments extraordinary’. Building on his previous processes, Houseplants questions the nature of painting, photography, and the cutout.

For more information on the publication, click here.

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