Olaf Otto Becker Releases New Publication, ‘Siberian Summer’

Olaf Otto Becker: Siberian Summer (2020) is the latest publication, published by Hatje Cantz, of work by Olaf Otto Becker. Here, Becker documents Siberia’s fluctuating landscapes during their unique summer.

Olaf Otto Becker has intensively documented the alterations in landscape caused by climate change, as well as the impacts of human behaviours on nature. He gained recognition by capturing the transient beauty of natural iceberg formations found in these endangered areas, and their limits in the face of climate change. This book details his latest series, as the photographer has turned to the permafrost zone and its gradual retreat northward. Becker explores the Siberian landscape, joining a group of researchers while they study soil samples during Siberia’s unusually warm summer of 2019.

Compiled in his new publication are a selection of Becker’s most compelling images; from children playing in the decaying harbour town of Tiksi, to encapsulating inhospitable cliffs that tower over the wet beaches, looming like abstract sculptures.

This book will be published in November 2020. It is available for pre-order for January 2021, find out more here.

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