Inventing Van Gogh: Ruud Van Empel Digitally Reimagines Van Gogh’s Portraits

Ruud van Empel has created digital portraits of Vincent Van Gogh, to be exhibited at the Vincent van GoghHuis in Zundert, Netherlands August 2021. Van Empel has been honing his digital collage skills for the past 10 years, splicing and stitching together uncanny landscapes and portraits out of his image database. The Vincent Van GoghHuis commissioned van Empel to create a realistic rendering of the famed Post-Impressionist, as only a single photograph exists of Van Gogh as an adult.

Van Empel sought out the entrants to a Van Gogh lookalike contest, tracking down several doppelgängers and shooting them in his studio. Composing and reimagining Van Gogh’s likeness and artistic output, van Empel has created a collection of enthralling photographs.

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