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Ariana (Mono) II, 2017

Amanda Charchian

Ariana (Mono) Quadriptych, 2017

Amanda Charchian

Cat (Mono), 2018

Amanda Charchian

Ginger Entanglement, 2013

Amanda Charchian

Abrielle (Mono), 2018

Amanda Charchian

Ariana (Mono), 2017

Amanda Charchian

S (Mono), 2018

Amanda Charchian

Photographic Career

Born in Los Angeles in 1988, Amanda Charchian gained a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 2010. Charchain’s work is preoccupied with the boundaries of intimacy and sensuality. Beginning in 2012 Charchian photographed thirty contemporary female artists in various surreal landscapes that were foreign to them. The series, Pheromone Hotbox takes the viewer on a journey across the globe, to an array of unexpected locales, such as Iceland, France, Costa Rica, Morocco, and Israel. Charchian photographed her subjects nude to heighten the play between artistic expression and female sensuality. The series was compiled into Charchian’s first monograph, published in 2016.

Building on her exploration of intimacy, Charchian’s ongoing series Seven Types of Love presents mediations on the seven categories of love as described by Canadian psychologist John Allen Lee. Her photographs create visual narratives on romantic, spiritual and dutiful love through a feminine lens.

Charchian’s most recent work combines her background in painting with contemporary nude studies. Charchian’s black and white photographs present women, often her close friends, in abstracted settings over which Charchian paints simple forms in bold primary colours highlighting the female form.

Exhibitions and Publications

Charchian has been featured in numerous publications including New York Magazine, Vogue Italia, TIME, i-D Magazine and The Huffington Post. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally. She lives and works between Los Angeles and New York.

News and Press

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